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All I could find short of removing the window to look for the manufacturer's label is the NAMI sticker information it had inside top frame. And yes I did look through the posted NAMI list here, mine wasn't found on it.

Apartment Bldg.: All Windows replaced mid 1980's with vinyl frame/impact glass.
Location: Cooper City, Florida
NAMI LABEL: Information ANSI/ AAMA 101-93
CODE: E-207-1
SERIES:**93105/91F/101F/95 **MST: 4562 (MST stands for what?)

My Purpose: Replacement of the plastic slider clips that come on the window screens.

Function: Clips keep the screen snug in place when slid out into the corners. To remove screen you slide them into the center and pull down on them to release the screen out from the frame. Being vinyl, they have disintegrated and broken. The screens now rattle constantly in the frames whenever the wind blows or it storms. I'm looking to find replacement clips for the screens if possible.

I'm honestly not to optimistic about finding them, but worth a try.

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Wouldn't any screen you pick up from your nearest store work OK, as long as sizes match? For what it's worth, my house has M&I Windows and we have the same kind of screen lock. –  alt Jun 20 '14 at 15:23

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