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Purchased a home 2 years ago and noticed some water infiltrating the garage during heavy rain fall. The driveway is sloped towards the garage. I cleaned out the drain and the problem went away until last week, this time I was much more thorough.

It looks like the plumbing between the 2 drains is not directly connected. Following the pipe from inside my garage to outside, it goes off on a slight angle which brings it about almost a foot next to the outside drain.

I ran a garden hose from the inside drain until I could go any further and turned the water on and it came out of the green circle in the attached image leaving me to believe that the plumbing is either collapsed and/or plugged. None the less the system does not look right to me. outside drain

A local plumber wants to charge me minimum 200$ just to tell me what is wrong and how to fix it even though I've already done all the leg work.

What should my next course of action be?

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