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I just start renting a property which has electric heating. It runs on a type of economy 7 tariff. Just before I moved in the landlord fitted a new immersion heater replacing the old one.

The problem is the new immersion heater seems to only have a single element (opposed to the normal 2 element immersion heater I normally hear about for economy 7). The single element is also wired up directly to the manual switch that runs on the expensive rate of electricity opposed to the switch that is automatically controlled by the electric company at off-peak times.

I was told by the landlord just to keep the switch on all the time but that seems crazy?

I was also told my another plumber that since its a single element immersion heater at the top it will only heat the top of the tank leaving the bottom cold so I wont have much hot water.

The landlord has agreed to switch the heater over to the off-peak switch so its cheaper to run however this means I can no longer manually get hot water if I needed it!

Has the landlord installed the completely wrong immersion heater or is this normal? my understanding was economy 7 home should have a dual immersion heater with the off-peak switch linked to the bottom element and the top element linked to the emergency manual switch.

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