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I have a terrace that has been recently covered with a bitumen based product (This one, if you can read german). My problem is that is black and it get's very warm during the day, making it uncomfortable. It also gives a bad chemical smell when it gets very warm. I would like to paint it brighter, but don't know with what. Is there any paint that can hold on top of bitumen? What other options would I have to cover it? I live in an area where it rains and gets below freezing in the winter.

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It seems similar enough to "blacktop" (asphalt, tarmacadam, etc...) to apply the advice given in this greenhouse manual (page 7) - basically to dust with portland cement (get white rather than gray, if you can find it) and then sprinkle/mist with water. Certainly the product linked appears to be congruent with common driveway blacktop sealer. I have only read the advice in question, not tried it.

Tennis court toppings should also work, I believe, and are commonly available in green, blue, or red - and possibly many other colors.

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