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I am looking to build a custom cigar box, and was wondering if I were to design it in MAYA or 3D Studio Max and the figure out all the different pieces I would need. Is there a metal, plastic, or wooden production service that would send me the cutouts in the mail?

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Besides Shapeways, check out Ponoko, Big Blue Saw, and 100kGarages.

  • Shapeways does 3D printing of plastics & metals.
  • Ponoko can do laser cutting of wood/plastic/fabric/rubber as well as 3D printing.
  • Big Blue Saw does laser or water jet cutting of wood/plastic/metal.
  • 100kGarages is more of a community of workshops with digital fabrication tools.
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For plastic and metal, yes. Look into Shapeways, which will let you upload models and print them out. I haven't used it yet but they get very good press.

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