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I want to hang two single swings on an apartment patio, side by side. I have an apartment above me, so I know cement is there but it is not a sturdy cover (my ceiling). I want to run a 4 X 4 across the top to mount the swings, and maybe use brackets for supporting the 4 X 4.

Is this possible?

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Just as a general precaution I would encourage you to share your plans of potentially permanently hanging these swings to your above neighbors structure with your building management first. I speak from experience wherein it can come back to bite you in ways such as negating your security deposit and or causing issue to structure from the weight applied to the above balcony coming from both above and below at the same time. They may also supply the best option at the same time for your particular circumstance if its allowed. – Chris W. Jun 5 '14 at 19:41
Assuming the issues Chris W raises are addressed, a 4x4 would be fine if it is not spanning too far. The critical detail is exactly how the 4x4 is attached to the existing structure and exactly what that structure is. – bcworkz Jun 7 '14 at 17:29

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