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I accidentally spray painted some gates for my deck with interior oil-based paint. They had been previously painted and I was touching them up after about 7 years use. I put 2 coats of the oil-based interior paint on them. They are white. I'm wondering what I should do. Would it make any difference to put a coat of exterior paint on top? Should I just put them outside and wait for them to wear out again?

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Any interior paint I have seen used outside has fell off –  Jack May 29 at 23:59
well, i'm going to give it a coat of exterior semi-gloss and see how it does. i'll report back every year or so. :) –  Martin Serrano Jun 1 at 20:09

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One big difference between interior and exterior paint is the flexibility. Interior paint does not have to deal with as drastic of temperature changes. Odds are after a summer the oil based paint (even if you put a coat over the top) will get very brittle and begin to crack, particularly if the paint did no go onto bare wood.

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