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This bizarre show happened twice at my house. The first time it happened I only realized something was at fault when I was having to call the cable company every two weeks to fix the cable internet. One time a technician came back and said the connections were burned up at the pole and as soon as he managed to unplug it... sparkles.

I plugged a lamp between neutral and ground, and there was light. I called in a horrible electrician at the time that simply disconnected ground from the affected region of the house, the garage.

Recently it happened again, an outlet from the washing machine overheated because the dryer was extending that outlet straight from it, no pigtail. The plastic overheated and melted some of the cable's coating and once again ground was live and the TV coax too!

I'm mature enough to understand the poor piece of work done, fixing, inspecting things now, not trusting any electrician, but I'm having trouble investigating the odd ground behavior.

Why did the TV send out power from the live ground :( instead of it going to earth? Not a single breaker ever went off. I'm no longer connected to the street's TV service. Satellite and fiber now. I'm not sure what would ground things now. Has anyone seen such thing?


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Unfortunately this question isn't really on-topic, as it's not about electronics design. I think you just need to find a reputable, qualified electrician to come and sort out the issues. There's no way to provide a reasonable answer in the context of this site, as nobody here has access to your household wiring to perform some basic measurements and inspection. – JYelton May 29 '14 at 15:58
Sounds like maybe your grounding conductors are not bonded to earth. Any fault to ground simply energizes the grounding conductors, rather than the fault current travelling to earth. This is a very dangerous situation (as you have found), and needs to be addressed by a quality Electrician. – Tester101 May 29 '14 at 20:23