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Our house is 30 years old, when we bought last year the Radon mitigation system was 12/15 years old no one really knew. When cleaning the basement it got me thinking how long these things last?

We have some small cracks in the concrete that have been sealed and I am assuming by the shine of the concrete (not really shiny but has a bit) the basement floor had been coated and the cracks sealed probably at the installation. A guess there.

What sort of timeline does this stuff have? Do I need to perform maintenance? Or recoat every couple of years? Also can I apply a second coat over an existing?

Radon Seal claims it lasts a lifetime and does not need a second coat, however due to the age of the installation, and the fact that is a commercial product, maybe the stuff used doesn't last as long?

Just looking for guidance on the products used to seal basement floors. Our radon level is .9 so its not a huge concern, but with a 4 month old and all the stuff that comes with him, now would be the optimum time to do something. Before we load the basement up with storage.

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