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In finishing part of my basement, we've gone ahead and installed 3/4" rigid insulation (R-3.8 IIRC), and then 2x4 framing against the rigid insulation. Then, the small gaps with between the 2x4 framing and rigid insulation were sealed with spray in foam. We'd like the add fiberglass insulation in the framing as well, and what I am confused about is vapor barrier. From what I've read, most say the rigid insulation which as been sealed in is enough, and some say if you were to have a double vapor barrier, it'd cause problems. Would have fiberglass insulation that is faced with a vapor-retarder (probably the R-13 Owens Corning Roll labeled for basement) cause a problem? From my research, it seems that a vapor retarder - as in the roll mentioned - is not equivalent to another vapor barrier. I've actually had trouble finding the appropriate sized insulation unfaced locally.

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Vapor barriers are a complex subject. The best source I know is BuildingScience.com; you will find good advice there. –  Eric Gunnerson May 26 '14 at 4:31

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