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Is anyone familiar with the Owens Corning Duration (Driftwood) and GAF Timberline HD roofs (Weathered Wood). They are similar in color but one has more variance of color (OC) and don't know how it will look overall when on. I've seen some of the Designer Colors in my area and they appear to look like many different shades, hues shadows. Don't know if it would look too busy. Don't want my roof the focus of my house. The Weathered Wood is more uniform in color. I also notice from the Sample Boards that the OC shingles look a bit larger than the GAF. Is that my eyes are there differences in shingle sizes. The photo is of the brick on our front porch. Not a lot of it. We are also repainting after the reroof and windows go in. Probably a greige color. Is there any reason to select one brand over the other (they are similar in warranties, costs). Help! I'm afraid to pull the trigger.

Confused in Florida

P.S. - We have a low roof slope on our house as well.

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