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Just got my hubby a new ice maker and it has a 1/4" water line. Thing is it is going in the garage and needs to run off of the garden hose faucet. Is there an adapter that I can use to run the hose faucet to the ice maker? Do I need to install any copper tubing?

Thank you!


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Are the pipes exposed the feed the garage sink or other faucet? like the laundry tub? A sanitary tap will work then – Jack May 24 '14 at 0:43

Yes, it can be done. It make take more than one adapter in sequence to get from the 3/4" hose connection to the 1/4" plastic tube. Any plumbing department in a decent hardware or home-improvement store will likely have them.

The hose connector threads are different from standard American "NPT" pipe threads. You'll need to go from the 3/4" hose thread on the faucet, to 3/4" NPT thread, and from there it may take one or more reducers to get down to a 1/4" compression fitting that the ice maker wants.

Alternatively, there may also be some adapters in the irrigation and sprinkler pipe section, that can go from the 3/4" hose connector to 1/4" tubing using barbed push-on connectors. Something used for drip-irrigation for plants may have the right sizes.

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