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I have a 240v outlet in my front yard that is rarely used. It is a pain to mow around and I have never had a need of it (installed by previous owners to power a refrigerated truck). I do not want to remove it altogether as It could be useful in the future.

Does anyone know of a solution to place the outlet below ground, maybe in a dry box that could easily be opened and connected to when needed?

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There's probably no box available that can be "easily" opened, unless your definition of "easily" is removing a few screws. You'll want to search for a "handhole" or "underground pull box" – Tester101 May 22 '14 at 11:56
I would think that something along the lines of those water main boxes but completely enclosed and waterproof. Condensation can be delt with by installing a switch or convenient breaker in the house. – DocSalvager May 27 '14 at 5:07

You should start by installing a lockout on the breaker that feeds this: so you can turn it off completely. Then you've got your choice of trying to install a vault to hold the device (with attendant moisture problems), or simply disconnecting the outlet, capping the wires and throwing dirt over. Leave some bright colored tape above it, and a note in the breaker box, to aid in a future treasure hunt.

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