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I recently had to replace the faucet/sprayer unit on my kitchen sink. everything connected fine, but when we turned it on, the flow side was very weak and the spray side just drenched us, spraying water out on the countertops. we went back over it checking the connections for leaks, etc. but could find nothing wrong. checked the aerorator. took out diverter to see if clogged, put it all back according to directions, and now the flow won't work at all! What could it be?

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You get good flow out the faucet connection when the diverter's removed and the faucet's disconnected too? (Yes this test can get messy) -Either a bad diverter or a plug in the faucet hardware itself. Check the faucet screens. –  Wayfaring Stranger May 15 '14 at 12:59

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