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Does anyone have an idea what this product might be?

It was found it on some hired equipment, used as a cable tie / cable tidy. It is reversible and each side will stick to itself, unlike velcro.

Maybe cable tie was not its intended use?

It looks like it comes in a roll, and so could be cut to a required size.

After extensive searching we have failed to find this product, but we'd really like to purchase some.

mystery product 1

mystery product 2

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Are there any markings on it at all? –  Freiheit May 14 at 13:39
Nope, nothing. Just the plain lattice. –  Josh Barnes May 14 at 13:40
That looks very useful...now I want some too! –  Grant May 15 at 4:06
I believe it is a cable tie. I seem to remember seeing it advertised. The USP is that you can undo it, unlike standard zip ties that require snippers or a knife to break. –  grx May 15 at 19:13
There are releasable cable ties on the market, but Panduit has the patent, and they ask a lot of money for them. –  Bryce Jul 24 at 6:45

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