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I woke up this morning to a really loud clanking noise from our boiler. It is a newer gas boiler installed in 2007. There are two Taco circulators 007-F5-71FC for first floor and second floor. I thought it might be one of those, since if the first floor thermostat heat is triggered it clanks. It is hard to truly identify the cause of the noise. If only the second floor heat is on, there is no noise.

Am I onto something here? Could this be a circulator requiring replacement? How long do these last? I also noticed while the heat was on, the baseboards were not warm so do the circulators act as the primary pump to push water through?

In research, people said it could be lack of water and try to bleed it, but since it CLANKS! every couple of seconds, in an almost steady sound.

I guess I am lucky as we head into spring, but could this have cause more problems with the boiler? I turned it down to 55 degrees, so ideally the heat wont come on.

While I will be calling a professional, I just want to be a bit informed before they start quoting me prices, since things are 7 years old.

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