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Is there a thermometer that can be used to check dryer temperature, and if so, what kind should be used? Should only a multimeter be used on the dryer's thermostat instead? I'm just wanting to doublecheck that a dryer is heating to proper temperature. I would like to know if there is one that can be used both on a dryer and a stove, like maybe a thermometer that is just used for appliance repair.

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I expect people repairing appliances either use

  • a k-type thermocouple attached to a suitable multimeter.
  • a thermometer specific to the type of appliance.

The key factors are probably temperature range, accuracy and the mechanical details.

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Please clarify for me if you know if there is a thermometer specific to testing dryer temperature, and if so, what it would be called. Also, would the k-type thermocouple work on both the stove and dryer? – J. Hall May 14 '14 at 17:46

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