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My house was build in 1938 and the whole house has these door knobs everywhere. I believe they were made by Dexter. Is there a way to ID them properly and, if so, where can I find someone who makes a key for them? enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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We bought a home built in the 1870s which was updated in the 1930s. None of the interior doors had keys. Went to a local locksmith and explained the problem. They actually sell a set of common skeleton keys - it was around 5 if my memory serves and under $20. You just keep trying until one works.

Lot cheaper than a house call.

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Heh, skeleton key mortise locks. You're into house restoration territory with this and need a locksmith that specializes in really old equipment. As these appear to be interior door locks, the ward and slot design will be quite simple, unless it was a boarding house where a little more security was required.

Per DMoore's comment --> Just so you know, looking for "Dexter Ward Lock" pulls up a lot of HP Lovecraft pages... Wooo! wooo! The couch cushions are probably haunted by some of the olde ones.

Dexter is now owned by Schlage, but has a long history of being in the door fixture business.

I'd also recommend trying places like this: http://www.historichomehardware.com/store/

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