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I have a 1950s or 1960s pool in South Florida. It is a concrete block pool and uses entirely galvanized piping. I would like to repipe it using 2" PVC as I believe that's best.

The pool currently has two returns (one on the north side and one on the south side), one of which I'm pretty sure has a leak. It also has one lily pad skimmer on the north west wall and a main drain towards to the north side. The pump and filter (both of which are at least 10-15yrs old) are located on the north side of the pool.

I would like to repipe the jets in the same approximate area they are currently located. I would like to replace the lily pad skimmer with a newer skimmer type. I would like to add a vacuum line in the middle of the west wall. I would like to replace the pump and filter and add a salt system.

As for the drain I've heard different suggestions from leaving it as is to sealing it and making a new main drain. I've also heard that a main drain is no longer necessary as the vacuum line can act as the main drain if needed.

What is the correct and optimal plumbing/piping design for this system? Is there something I'm forgetting or something you would suggest?

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