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The previous owner of my house hung a hose reel with screws through vinyl siding. The reel came down and the holes are so stripped that even a sizeable lag has nothing to grip. I think I have to move a few inches to find a stud. But how can I hide the holes? I'm thinking of filling with paintable putty and touching up with paint mixed to match. Any better ideas?

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Create a scrap of the existing siding from somewhere where it won't be noticed by cutting a full length section from it. (And then buy a new piece to replace it.)

Cut out the damaged section and replace it with the "scrap" from above.

There are step-by-step instructions here and a video (skip to 0:01:00 to miss the clothing advertisement) showing the relevant skills.

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Thanks. That's a fine technique that I'll keep in mind. It's a bit impractical in this case because the old hose hanger had two mounting screws, one above the other and while the siding is that two-clapboards-per-strip kind, they nicely put the screws through the top of the end of one and the bottom of the middle of the next row. I'm not going to do that much patching when I can get a hose hanger with some body to just cover the whole area. – Chris Nelson Jun 14 '14 at 14:09

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