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In our office, the door at the entrance has a k2 door closer. Our problem is that when the door closes, it makes a very loud clicking noise. I believe this is the result of the latch bolt hitting the strike plate, which is what causes the noise. It has nothing to do with latch or swing speed, since the screws in the door closer body are turned fully clockwise. The sound seems to be caused by the metal.

Is there anything we can do to mitigate this noise?

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There's not much that can be done, since the sound is caused by the metal to metal contact. I've seen doors that have a small plastic bit on the front side of the strike plate, but even those doors make a clicking noise when closing. The metal door seems to amplify the sound generated by the bolt hitting the strike plate, and the sound of the bolt fully extending once the door is closed. –  Tester101 May 6 at 0:47
Is the latch well lubricated? They can get dirty/sticky over time. That makes the closing noise louder. A little cleaning and a spritz of silicone lubricant might reduce noise to a more acceptable level. –  Wayfaring Stranger Oct 3 at 12:22

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One of the adjustment screws is for the swing speed, and one is for the latch speed. It sounds like the latch speed is too high.

enter image description here

Adjust the latch speed until the door is just moving fast enough that it closes. You'll also want to be sure to test it by opening the door the minimum amount someone would open it.

If it doesn't shut if you slow it down at all, it may be the door arm is installed incorrectly.

If it doesn't really slow down when you adjust it, then it could be the closer is broken (lost fluid or broken valve seal) and easiest thing to do is replace the entire closer.

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it's not a problem with the latching speed. The latch speed is slowed down as much as possible. The problem is the noise when the metal from the latch bolt hits the metal in the strike bolt. –  Ryan May 5 at 15:16

It sounds like a case of metal hitting metal, in which case you'd need to apply something to the strike plate. Something like tape or felt pads might help.

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