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I've dug a trench around the perimeter of my crawl space. Then I planned the next steps. I took a week off but I'd like to finish this project next weekend. I am going to glue 2" R-10 FOAMULAR 250 Rigid Foam Insulation to the cinder block using Liquid Nails FRP.

Is this a good choice of materials?

The Liquid Nails instructions say that I should cover the whole area of the panels and 1 gallon is going to cover about 50 sq.ft. How important is to really do that? Do I really have to cover the panels or is it going to be OK to put less liquid nails material, perhaps just lines at the edges or even just a few spots at the corners? I'm asking because the glue is not that cheap and I don't want to overdo this.

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There is no need to give the panels 100% coverage. Just get some on the edges and a few good daps here and there. As long as it sticks to the wall, you should be OK. Once you backfill the bottom, the panels shouldn't go anywhere.

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