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This is for an odd little project in our apartment. It's basically going to be a container for cat litter trays that can hold spills, tracked litter and is relatively scratch-resistant. Linoleum seemed like a good, cost-effective matrial for these goals. We bought a small sheet of it and cut and folded it the box shape we want (sort of like papercraft, just using linolum instead of paper...). Now we just need to glue it, and I'm sort of concerned about the process (you only really get one shot at it).

We have linoleum adhesive but I've not really worked with it before. It's supposed to be applied on a horizontal surface which won't be the case here (the final box shape is fairly large and very awkward to hold or turn - the lack of rigidity isn't helping either...). I'm worried the glue is just going to pool towards the floor if we try to do this vertically, though apparently it actually sets quite quickly? Application is also going to be an issue... I was planning on just taking a large-ish piece of cardboard or plastic and sort of pull the gunk upwards along the glue surface, though it occurs to me, if it does set quickly my proto-spatula is just going to get stuck to the linoleum.... Should I just grab a large-ish metal spatula? Any other ways this is likely to turn out terribly?

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