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I am adding a clothes washer and laundry tub to the supply lines to a bathroom group. Based on this terrific post, it looks like I can supply it all with four 1/2-in PEX lines (two hot, two cold).


  1. My tub might have a roman faucet (would my "bath group" still be 4.5/4.5 FU's?) (seems unlikely the shower and tub will be used at the same time)
  2. I found a reference that a laundry tub should be treated as a clothes washer. Is this true?
  3. I have a small bar sink in a rec/entertainment room. Fair to count this as a lav?

In summary, My current situation is:

  • 1/2-PEX cold #1: tub/WC/bar sink
  • 1/2-PEX hot #1: tub/bar sink
  • 1/2-PEX cold #2: shower/lav
  • 1/2-PX hot #2: shower/lav

This seems like overkill and I would like to put the entire bath group on one pair of lines and the laundry/bar sink on the other pair.

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