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I have been using my bosch drill to power a small wood turning lathe. Now the drill is always in hammer drill mode even though it is not switched to hammer drill. I opened the drill up but it looks like a bit of a maze in there. Can anyone point me in the right direction here before i dump the drill. What I should be looking for etc. Id love to repair this myself if possible.

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"Hammer Drill Mode"? Is it possible that you are referring to the torque setting? It would help if we knew the model number. –  Zach Apr 15 at 23:21
@Zach my DeWalt drills both have modes for hammer drilling and regular drilling. My cordless also has a collar to adjust the clutch for screwing in screws. The hammer drill mode chews through batteries on my cordless, which is why I bought a corded hammer drill. It sounds like the asker may want to figure out how to turn off hammer drill mode when not needed to conserve power. –  Snowman Apr 16 at 2:30
there is a switch on the top of the drill to have it as a hammer drill (for drilling masonry) or a normal drill( for drilling wood etc). The drill is permanently running as a hammer drill no matter what way the switch is.Its a bosch PSB 900 RES –  Fergal Apr 17 at 21:06

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