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After the brutal winter, my wife and I found several locations on our driveway where the concrete is crumbling. This is the worst of them:

driveway damage

In the past, I have used self-leveling concrete caulk similar to this to fix damage like this:


However, I am concerned that due to it being near the edge that the caulk will fill in the crack between blocks and possibly make the damage worse due to expanding and contracting of the concrete.

How should I repair this damage, short of replacing the driveway itself?

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The technical term for what happened to the concrete on your driveway is that it "spalled", and sealing it with caulking isn't going to do much toward repairing it at this point. What you'll want to do is clean out all of the loose debris (a shop-vac and wire brush work pretty well) and then pressure wash it. After it is completely dry, inject or force epoxy down into any crack that extends down from the damaged area. Then apply a concrete bonding agent, fill it with a patching concrete and trowel it smooth.

Note - depending on the condition of the rest of the driveway, you might want to look into applying a concrete sealer to extend its life.

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Thanks for the advice -- at some point this summer when it warms up consistently we will have to fix this. The damage will only get worse, and the snowblower already kicks up rocks from the driveway: this crumbling concrete will only increase the risk of breaking something (I already broke a car window with the line trimmer kicking up a rock). –  Snowman Apr 16 '14 at 2:22

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