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I recently tested the water in my new(ly purchased) house for a variety of things and was (unpleasantly) surprised to find a positive result for atrazine (or perhaps simazine, apparently a more expensive test is required to differentiate between these).

The water supply for the house is from a private well.

I'd like to filter the house's drinking water - cold water from faucets in the bathroom and the kitchen - as well as the hose faucet outside (which I use to draw drinking water for milking goats and probably a vegetable garden). I'm undecided about whether filtering water for the shower is important or not. In the case I decide to, this will mean just about all of the water in the house is being filtered (only hot water from the bathroom and kitchen sinks would be left out).

Searches suggest that block activated carbon filters are appropriate for atrazine removal.

So far I have been entirely unable to locate any kind of "whole house" filter that uses with block activated carbon filters. I've found many "under sink" filters that advertise atrazine removal, as well as counter-top and faucet-attached filters.

I don't really understand why one type of filter (eg under sink) seems so much more readily available while the other appears to be nonexistent - I wonder what I'm missing.

Does anyone make a whole house block activated carbon filter (preferably NSF certified)? Is there some reason this isn't a good direction to pursue?

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Not much more than a link, but there are a couple listed on this site that are NSF certified: waterfiltercomparisons.com/whole-house-water-filters-reviews – Comintern Apr 10 '14 at 2:02

NuWater USA Makes a system that is NSF and Water Quality Association (WQA) aproved.

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Will this filter remove atrazine? – Tester101 Sep 20 '14 at 22:25

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