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I am in the process of specifying the options for a home we are building. The standard delivery includes a concrete walkway from the front door to the driveway, and a 4x7' concrete slab outside the basement walkout slider. I have had the builder price delivery with pavers (i.e., "hardscaped"). The price was ridiculous ($10,000+ just for the walkway). I have installed pavers in the past and I am confident I can do the work myself at some time in the future. But, they won't deliver the home without a walkway and patio of some sort (they claim issues with Certificate of Occupancy... this is the Commonwealth of PA). My solution: deliver the home with aggregate as a walkway and 4x7' patio area... simply ensuring that the aggregate can be re-used in the future as uber bed material for the pavers I will install. The thinking is I will extract all the aggregate, dig out and grade for pavers, reinstall aggregate as a base, fill with sand and compact... then install pavers. In this way, they deliver the home and meet Certificate of Occupancy, I pay a nominal fee to have aggregate delivered (which I will need, anyway), and everyone is happy.

The builder claims the aggregate used for paver base is different than that used for a walkway. This may be strictly true, but I don't care about the walkway. I just need aggregate that will be suitable for paver base, and only temporarily satisfy the needs of a walkway.

Is there a solution, here? What specific aggregate should I specify?

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see if 3/8 stone dust compacted is OK. –  shirlock homes Apr 2 '14 at 23:52

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