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Some instructions I am following from an American site call for 'hardware cloth'. It's a kind of square wire mesh, that can take weight. I can't find this on any UK sites (the closest I could find is chicken wire, which I expect wouldn't be as strong). Presumably it has a different name. What is it?

enter image description here


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Depending on the size of your burner/pot you can buy a cheap wire bird feeder and take off the ends and cut off a piece to the length you need for the stand; I've done that and then re-fixed the bird feeder ends to the remaining piece to make a mini-feeder! – user55926 Jul 3 at 8:10
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That's also known as welded wire mesh, or woven wire mesh (your picture shows welded not woven mesh). Stucco netting also might do you. For supporting a stove chicken wire is probably fine also.

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