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This furnace did not have a problem until the service man oiled the booster motor recently. 1-2 weeks later the booster motor bearing began squealing, and I found 2 tbs. of oil below the motor. The squeal is getting worse and I want to replace the motor only. Can this be done without affecting the motor/fan balance? I am aware that these motors are available separately from the Booster Assembly.

Some instructions to replace the booster motor would be appreciated. The furnace no. is DGAT075BDC. I have EVCON repair parts list to order the proper booster motor.
From looking at the diagram, it would seem that the booster assy. should be removed, then a bottom plate comes off of the impelor housing to get the booster motor out.
Are there any other considerations to not replacing the complete booster assy?

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If you can find a comparable replacement, I'm sure it can be replaced. Without the model number of the furnace, it's not likely anybody can provide accurate instructions for replacing the motor. –  Tester101 Mar 28 '14 at 11:00

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