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I've got to fit a ceiling rose. I'd assumed that the centre would be clear so that I could fit a ceiling rose hook for the chandelier. However, it's decorative all the way to the centre like this :

see here

Any advice on how to attach the chandelier chain?

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What is the material the rose is made of, and what is the diameter of the finished escutcheon of the chandelier, as well as the electric box in the ceiling? I may be misunderstanding the mounting though. It sounds like the chandelier is to be hung "swag" style. It may be the wrong term, but it means the electric connection is not going to be in the center of the rose, it will be just the light only, the electric connection is in another location aside from the rose you plan to install. –  Jack Mar 12 at 23:16
be very helpful to see the light mounting details. What you do with the rose is totally dependent on what is required for the light support and electrical feed. –  shirlock homes Mar 13 at 9:03

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I think the usual idea is you cut out the size hole you require. There are multiple circular features you can follow when cutting at various sizes.

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