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After living in a house for a year, I noticed my backup sump pump discharge pipe is 1 1/2", but then changes to 2" before it goes outside. It changes to 2" about 2/3 up the vertical section. The pump runs OK when tested but I'm worried in case of a real emergency that it'll burn out quick.

Am I being paranoid? Has anyone seen a battery backup pump with a 2" discharge?

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I fail to see a problem here. Increasing the discharge pipe diameter does not increase the load on the pump. Unless you have a pump manual that specifically forbids this (which seems very unlikely) relax and stop worrying about it - or worry about the battery running out, which is far more likely to be a problem in any extended power outage.

If you have such an unlikely manual, replace the pipe that offends you/it.

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Indeed. If anything the larger pipe diameter reduces the load on the pump by reducing the frictional losses in the pipe, and therefore reducing the backpressure. – mac Mar 14 '14 at 20:21

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