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Why does my oil furnace keep triping reset after 10 sec of running i have to have thermostat all way up for it to run i changed primary control box, nozzel, electrodes and thermostat any ideas

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Have you changed the flame sensor? Are the pumps or fans running OK? – RedGrittyBrick Feb 25 '14 at 16:11

There are many reasons an oil furnace will trip out. The control box is looking at Flame, draft, fuel supply, water levels in a FHW system, heat exchanger (water) temps, fan function (FHA) fyreye, etc. A problem with a circulator pump will cause an water high temp shutdown for example. A one hour service call from a licensed tech probably would have cost less than replacing a bunch of parts that are not the problem. My advice is always to consult a pro unless one is equipped with the knowledge and tools to do the job.

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