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I am installing a new shower in an upstairs attic. I am taking part of a downstairs closet for a chase wall to run the plumbing and electrical. The closet is 10' from where the shower drain will be located. Rather than pull up good hardwood floor or tear out a plaster ceiling, I plan to push the drain line under the floor from the attic space near the closet. I would like to locate the trap in the closet as that would be easier than pushing the trap assembly the 10' to the shower; not to mention that I am limited in the space between the floor and ceiling below.

Traps are supposed to be directly below the fixture outlet. 10 feet is too long even for a trap arm, the vent take off will need to be much closer to the shower. –  bcworkz Feb 16 at 17:56
@Bcworkz, you got that right, I had to look up the vent requirements for a job I am doing. Code requires the vent to be no farther than 6ft away from the drain opening. –  Jack Feb 17 at 0:47
Are you saying the space between the floor and the ceiling is not large enough to accommodate a trap? If this is the case, the joists are probably not large enough to support livable space. –  Tester101 Feb 17 at 11:50

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  1. If a 3" pipe is run to a 2" trap the pipe is sufficiently oversized to be considered self venting.
  2. A running trap may be used remotely which uses less space at the shower drain.
  3. To answer the original question, I don't know the distance to trap max but it depends on the piping size.
In what plumbing code is self venting and running traps allowed? –  bcworkz Mar 14 at 18:44

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