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I inherited a floor lamp without a shade. It has a harp, but there is nothing on the top of the harp to attach the shade. If I have my terminology correct, I'm looking for the piece that that the finial will screw into. It's circled in this photo. What's this called, and can I buy one with a finial so I can buy a shade for the lamp? Or should I just buy a new harp (that presumably will come with this piece)?enter image description here

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I just was looking for one a few weeks ago. I saw them under a few names "harp fitter", "spider fitter", or "lamp adjuster". I just got a new harp it was easier.

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I worked in a real lighting store for several years in my teens and early 20's. I was responsible for many purchase orders, quite a few from the likes of Angelo and Wn DeSherbenin.

That piece is crimped onto the harp. I have never seen it available separately. You simply need to replace the harp.

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