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I have security cameras (CCTV) and I'm trying to connect to my TV's that are using an outside antenna. I've been successful in getting a SV-2G splitter (5/1000 MHz) installed on the OTA feed prior to the Antenna Amplifier. The other leg of the splitter is where I connected the CCTV feed. This configuration yields good OTA channels and clarity, but the CCTV is very snowy. When I installed a Attenuator on the OTA feed (prior to the splitter) it cleaned up the CCTV feed, but have lost 30% of my OTA channels, probably due to the reduced signal input after the Attenuator. Is there a different type of splitter or Attenuator that I might try to regain the lost TV channels without affecting the quality of the CCTV picture?


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You should search out "channel modulators" this should help you achieve cctv on whatever channel you have available.

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