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I am trying to install a dishwasher, an Elba Fisher & Paykel model next to my washing machine. I plan to just manually remove the waste pipe from either machine when using but any suggestions otherwise would be greatly appreciated. Do you get Y pipes which could take both waste pipes & perhaps avoid doing both washes together ever. Also what tap would I connect up to , hot or cold? And again what kind of gadget could I buy to connect my dishwasher bit onto the existing fixing which is single for my washing machine. Does it matter if the 2 machines are plugged in next to one another too? As you can hear I am not very knowledgeable on such things & any help would be fantastic.

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Dishwashers go to hot water. There could be issues running the waste together if the machines do not have backflow valves, but there is possibly a solution depending on the specifics of your situation. Photos of all the connections involved would be helpful. I helped someone with a similar situation last year. –  bcworkz Feb 5 '14 at 18:35

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