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Is a small appliance (microwave, coffee maker, etc.) that's UL & c-UL Listed for Commercial Use Only safe to use at home?

What about the reverse: is a small appliance that's UL listed for Household Use Only safe to use at the office or other commercial structure?

A lot of people use Household Use Only coffee makers at work (for example) and many others use Commercial Use Only versions at home. Are there compelling reasons not to do either, other than "UL said so?" (Not to belittle UL's ratings, but we all know they are often ignored. Why shouldn't they be?)

Why? What are the important factors that support your conclusions?

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I had a look at the UL website. Like many other standards bodies it's hard to glean information from it and the technical minutiae are targeted at employees of a manufacturer who need to make or certify something to that standard rather than to an end-user who needs to make a purchasing decision.

This lawyers blog seems to indicate that this is a matter of building code and business regulations than a technical matter. If your local codes say you must use a UL commercial listed appliance at a business then thats that. You'd have to dig through the code and the code making process to find out why that is required.

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