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I am purchasing a new construction home. The foundation, patio, & garage slabs were all poured at the same time, in mid-september. The home is not yet complete, but we have noticed a crack in the garage. The crack starts in the seem of the 2nd & 3rd car garage. The crack appears to start in the seem, travels a few feet, then veers off to the left at an angle, towards the adjacent interior wall/garage door. At one point is looks like it's coming to a stop, then starts again. Is this something I should be concerned about?

Additionally, the patio is 12x49. Once section was damaged by a bulldozer and the builder replaced it. It appears the replacement did not properly adhere or was water damaged and they are replacing it again. Since they started tearing up that peice of slab, there is a new crack that runs parallel to the house about 5" from the exterior wall (running through 2 slab peices). This is also the point that the broken slab was cut and replaced. Could the new crack be settling or caused by the work being done to the other slab?

I appreciate any insight.

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Pictures might be helpful to gauge how bad it is. –  Steven Jan 27 '14 at 21:28

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