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I have a shower stall with a hinged (not sliding) glass door. Where the door meets the stall there is a line of plastic stripping on the stall side. The adhesive on the original stripping failed, so I am trying to replace it.

Here's the tough part: where the door meets the stall, the top half of the stall is glass, but the bottom half is stone. The adhesive on the stripping I bought work perfectly on the glass, but won't adhere to the stone at all. Is there some other adhesive I should be using to get the stripping to stay on the stone?

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No adhesive I know of will stick to a glazed or glossy surface. So, if the stone is like this, I would rough it up some, then try the adhesive. Some things you can use to rough it up a bit: a small rock, 40 grit sandpaper, a Dremel tool with a bit suitable for grinding away the gloss, the tip of a screwdriver. – getterdun Jan 27 '14 at 5:18
I attached my shower door's stripping to a polished marble slab using Lock-tite professional grade adhesive. It came in a caulk-style container, and took 24 hours to attain full-strength. The shower door stripping was previously attached with something else (installed by the contractors) but that failed after only about 6 years of use. This Lock-tite adhesive has bonded so strongly that the stripping doesn't even flex when stepped on. You can, however, scrape it off with a razor blade, if needed. Makes it easy to clean up mess. – crush Jan 27 '14 at 21:28

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