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The connector from one of the leads from my toaster oven's power supply to the top heating element broke off. The wire is too short to just add a new connector, so I need to replace the wire.

The wire was different than others I had seen as it had a knit, fabric-like insulation rather than rubber or silicone.

What kind of wire can I use to replace the broken one, and where can I buy it? Or, are temperatures in the side of the oven, where the wiring and control circuits live not that high and regular lead wire will work?

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That "knit, fabric-like insulation" indicates high temperature wire. Amazon sells it, or if you're foolish like me, you can salvage pieces from old, burnt out electric drip-style coffee makers.

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It does look very similar to the "high temperature wire" in the Amazon link you specified. +1 for the tip on salvaging from other old appliances with heating elements. The wire isn't that expensive, but not worth buying a whole role as I only need a few inches. – Geoffrey Hing Jan 25 '14 at 21:37

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