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My home office has two wall switches (double gang switch box w/incoming power), one controls a half switched outlet on opposite wall, the other controls a ceiling fan (w/light kit; not independently switched).

I wish to add four recessed light kits to this configuration and include the fan light using the same switch. What are my options assuming I am willing to convert outlet to always hot?

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My description wasn't clear. I want control the fan apart from the lighting. – Robert Graw Jan 23 '14 at 18:48
How may wires go from the switch to the fan? What are they (hot/2nd hot/neutral/ground)? Are you open to running additional wires from the switch box to the new lights? – bib Jan 23 '14 at 21:41
Are you willing to open up your walls to run a new circuit? – Steven Jan 24 '14 at 3:43
I have red, black, white and ground from switch to fan. I would like to avoid opening the wall. The switch box is on an external block wall wired up to ceiling between furring strips and covered with sheet rock. Not sure about fishing a new wire from attic down to switch. – Robert Graw Jan 24 '14 at 15:23

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