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I just brought two small Ethernet-type cards, so I could start a project to control the single radiator in my student accommodation over the internet. (#EngineeringStudent)

Now, the when I came back from my holidays, the valve jammed and it was freezing with 18 degrees (I turned it down manually while I was gone). So....

Are there any obvious problems of getting a motor (servo) to change the radiator setting say, every 6 or 12 hours, automatically according to the temprature? With this previous history, do I run the risk jamming the valve again? It's just a standard thermostat control which I intended to attach the motor to.

Thanks, Manfred :)

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Picture? The style matters. – Bryce Jan 11 '14 at 19:18
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Those are inexpensive mechanical controls. There's no reason they can't be rotated every few hours. Doing so, however, is mechanically challenging. Good luck. Be sure to decouple your rotor (with a belt or gasket) so it does not place undue mechanical stress on the knob.

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