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I am building my house (two storey) and am confused if I need to install a Pressure Pump for the bathrooms and if so, what should be the power of the pump? Please find the details below.

  1. Total Bathrooms : 3
  2. Vertical Distance of the overhead tank from ground : about 25 - 27 ft.
  3. Vertical Distance of the overhead tank from first floor : about 15 - 18 ft.

I am planning to install a Single Lever Diverter in all the three bathrooms.

Please let me know if any more details are required and I would respond promptly.

Thanks, SB

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There's different interpretations of what "first floor" is in different regions, some places it's ground floor, other places it's the level above. Sounds like you mean the latter, and presumably there's at least one bathroom on this level. The critical height is between the highest showerhead and the lowest normal water level in the tank. The piping layout is a factor too. You definitely do not have enough static pressure. I've no idea on pump sizing though, sorry. –  bcworkz Dec 30 '13 at 0:52

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