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I have an ideal min c28 combi boiler. The problem is that with the shower fully on the temperature never gets hot enough for my wife, and, worse still, it can fluctuate between boiling and cold.

I stumbled upon the work around of only partially turning on the shower tap which fixes the problem. However it's more difficult with the other bathroom where the shower runs off individual hot and child taps. And trying to explain how to avoid a cold shower to visitors is proving tricky.

Our water pressure is pretty high and so presumably the boiler can't heat the water quick enough when the taps are fully open. So I started wondering if it's possible to adjust the incoming cold water supply so that the boiler can keep up with it. The pressure from the shower when partially opening the tap is more than adequate so calling the pressure into the boiler would seem like a good solution to my non-plumbing brain.

Does anyone know if this is an appropriate solution? If so, how do I go about it? If not then is there another solution without having to buy a more powerful boiler?

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Possibly a low-flow showerhead. –  Ecnerwal Dec 21 '13 at 3:10

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