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I have a Bryant furnace, model number 330AAV024060. It's a two stage furnace. During a cold snap I recently discovered that my thermostat was only wired to the W1 terminal, likely because enough wiring didn't exist for the W2 terminal hookup. I added additional wiring, but haven't seen a big speed-up increase with my furnace using the higher setting.

I think that this may have to do with the blower being really slow. Air barely falls out of my vents in the house. I've been looking for documentation online, and I get the impression that I can adjust the blower somehow on the furnace, but I can't find any specifics on how to do so. Does anyone have any knowledge on this?

Added Note: There are two DIP switches that are labeled 'heat set-up switch'. The first switch is named "low only" and the second is named "high only". The default is to have both of these in the off position. I'm not sure if this has to do with the blower or not, or some way of overriding the W1 and W2 signals from the thermostat. Changing to a high-only or low-only setting does not appear to change the intensity of the burn in the furnace nor the sound of the blower.

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