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Our cooktop is on an island in the middle of the kitchen. I'd like to replace the electric with gas. Ideally, I'd get a cooktop with a down vent like the electric one has. However, my wife read some reviews that said the downdraft can affect the direction and/or efficiency of the flame. The only video I can find of a down vent in action is with an electric cooktop. So would such a down vent affect a gas cooktop?

Unlike the current down vent, that appears to just blow the air into the cabinet below, I'd like to vent down into the basement below, then run a chase to the outside above the drop ceiling. Any issues with doing it this way?

Finally, if a down vent is not recommended with a gas cooktop, I may have to consider a traditional hood vent. It would be relatively easy since there's a "mini" attic above the kitchen, so electrical and venting would be simple. But we have a flat ceiling in the kitchen with nothing (lighting, etc.) hanging down. If I have to install a hood, I'd like to minimize the visual impact. How far up could it be from the cooktop and still be effective?

The cooktop is 36" off the ground and the ceiling is 8'. If the bottom of the hood was 1 - 1.5 feet from the ceiling, for example (3.5 - 4 feet from the cooktop), would it still work? What's the recommended CFM and vent diameter for a configuration like this?

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