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So I have a relatively new dishwasher that just completely stopped working the other day. It's still under warranty but before going though all the hassle I want to check if there is nothing simple it could be.

I have checked all the basics such as fuses in the plug and if the socket actually works with other appliances. I have not yet opened it up but have no problem with doing so if there are any good ideas as to what could be the problem.

I remember the night before it stopped showing any signs of life it made some strange beeps just after finishing a cycle.

So far the net has not provided any clues.

its a LG, not sure on the exact model and seems like each store sells the same thing with different model numbers anyhow.

It has the text 'Inverter DirectDrive' and 'TrueSteam' on the front

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So got the company out to fix it under guarantee and turns out it is just a very poorly designed system for buttons. It seems to be a AC Hum touch type button. The dish washer has small sponge (5mm x 5mm) wrapped with some conductive material which is meant to be attached to metal rods which forms the button inside the machine.

This gives the 'soft touch' as there is no moving parts like a normal button.

The problem was that these little sponges had fallen off the metal post which stopped it from working the way it was intended. Simple fix to re-attach the sponge back into place.

Well the fix from the guy that was sent out lasted all of 3 days before it broke again so this time I opened it up and fixed it myself (hopefully permanently).

Dead simple job, about 15 minutes taking the front panel off and glued them back into place with some contact adhesive.

Hope this will help someone else that has problems with a 'soft touch' button that will not work any more. Should be a similar type system for other soft touch buttons found on appliances.

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Nice. Thanks for sharing. –  wallyk Dec 15 '13 at 17:15

Check the appliance's power cable shows no signs of damage.

The appliance's manual will state if the appliance has a separate and accessible fuse (unlikely I think).

If the front display panel shows no indications of power - no lights/LEDs illuminated, completely blank LCD etc, no sounds from the pump when controls set to drain etc. In that case you should really return it to the vendor under warranty and get a refund or replacement (your choice)

Opening it up will void your warranty and leave you liable for the cost of any parts that need replacing.

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