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I have a warehouse-type space with 14' ceilings, and am updating the electrical for my workshop. Right now, I've got four workbenches that I move and reconfigure depending on what I'm working on for a particular project. Each workbench has 20A of power (each one has one of those 4' multi-outlet power strips), which I'm currently supplying via extension cords from nearby outlets.

In a perfect world, I want to get these cable runs off the floor and use a ceiling drop to distribute power. At the moment, I've got 4 lines running to a box in the ceiling, and was about to hardwire some 25' entension cords (with strain relief, of course) for the drops. However, short of zip-tying a mess of cords or wires together, is there any way to combine these four separate circuits into a single cable, then breaking them out into four separate curcuits again at the bottom? It'd be awesome if I could just wire four 12/3 runs into a 2 or 3 gauge cable, then magically redirect the electrons to one of four 12/3 edison outlets at the other end. But I don't suspect that exists. :)

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Is your only goal wire/cord management? If so, flexible conduit might be what you're looking for. – Tester101 Nov 25 '13 at 15:46
Yes, cord management. One drop point from which I can run extension cords to my muleiple bench-mounted power strips and get the cords off the floor. I'm using 12/3 extensions; four of these are pretty tight in 3/4" flex conduit, which is the largest I've seen. – dwwilson66 Nov 25 '13 at 16:01
You should be able to find flexible conduit in sizes up to 2". Though you might have to special order, order online, or go to an electrical supply shop to get it at that size. – Tester101 Nov 25 '13 at 16:14

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