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The attic of my house is unfinished. My son accidentally fell to the filing and caused the garage ceiling broken.

Please see the images.

1 2 3

Can you advise me how to repair this?

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Pricing and contractor questions are off topic here so I've removed that from the question. See what topics can I ask about here for more details. – BMitch Nov 14 '13 at 4:23
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If you don't care about having a completely finished appearance then you can just buy a sheet of drywall and cut it to size to fit the hole. Make the hole bigger first using a utility knife or a drywall saw so that the edges are nice and square. And make the whole process easier on yourself by making the hole a rectangle. Screw it in with coarse thread drywall screws.

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I you could have any link, it would be great. I am not sure to repair from garage or ceiling. – Love Nov 14 '13 at 0:10
If the hole is in the garage ceiling you may be required to use fire resistant materials. – mikes Nov 14 '13 at 2:01

I would:

  1. Clean out the hole and all the broken drywall.

  2. Use drywall screws and screw 2 or 3 cross pieces of strapping across the back side of the hole.

  3. Then you can cut a new piece of drywall and fit it to the hole and you have something to screw it to.

enter image description here

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Here is a How-To link that shows a lot of the basics.


longneck mentioned all the process, the video will show the same, as well as some tips on taping. Also as mikes mentioned, the garage is typically done in a fire resistant (fire code) sheet rock which usually 5/8" thick, though sometimes 1/2' will be used. Check the thickness of a cut edge at the repair area or scrap that was removed. If you do it yourself, the materials will be under $50 US, probably closer to $30 Check out some of the other drywall repair videos on Youtube, there is always more than one way to tackle the same problem.

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